09 August 2006

An intro and some housekeeping.

This is my blog that I will be posting to while I am in Glasgow, Scotland for 2006-2007.

I'm leaving September 14, 2006. I will be attending the University of Strathclyde to earn my M.Sc. in Forensic Science.

The reason I am making a blog for this experience is so that the people who are interested can come and visit at their leisure, look at the copious amounts of pictures I am sure to take, and not worry about having to keep up email correspondance. Basically, it's an open invitation to see what I am up to.

Another reason I am doing my own blog is so that I don't clog up the other blog I post to, postLogica, with all my Scotland stuff. Plus, pL is a place where me and my friends from highschool can mouth off... not something for a general audience. ;-)

Anyway, odds are this blog is going to morph several times over the next little while as I play with templates, links, cathcy titles, etc. That's all for now.