07 September 2006

The countdown is on

So, the countdown is on for me to leave for Glasgow. 7 days pretty much right on the button. I would like to profusely apologize in advance to anyone I haven't been able to visit before I leave. Odds are I will not make it out of town (save for shopping in Lindsay with Mom) again until I go to the airport. I have abused my little brother's good nature enough by monopolizing his car for as long as I did. He has informed me under no uncertain circumstances that I am in his debt until informed otherwise.

I'm uploading some pictures of home in Canada onto my flickr account. I just want documented proof that I live a completely normal small-town life here in Canada, and that I am indeed an unassuming person... contrary to what some people would lead one to believe ;-). Nah, just want some pics to gaze at in case I get homesick for good ol' Minden.

Last of all, I gained another first-cousin-once-removed a week ago Wednesday. Saw pictures of baby Eli today, he looks just like his dad... which could be cause for concern (I'm just kidding of course). Anyway, congrats to Ryan and Tanya on a job well done.

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Anonymous said...

you should make Charlotte part of your background or something so that everyone can enjoy her :D

wub u!