22 September 2006

Glasgow Cathedral

I visited Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis today. I've uploaded a ton of pictures of the Cathedral to my flickr account, and I'll upload the ones of the Necropolis likely tonight if I'm not out too late.

The Glasgow Cathedral is unlike anything I've seen before. It really is breathtaking in terms of size and age - as well as beauty.

Here's some information on the Glasgow Cathedral from the leaflet I bought:

"The site has been held sacred for more than 1500 years. Here the cross was planted and the ground blessed for a Christian burial by St. Ninian [in 397]. The first stone built Cathedral was dedicated in 1136 in the presence of King David. In the Lower Church is the tomb of St. Mungo (or Kentigern) who died in 603.

"There are five major components to the Cathedral - the Nave [left] ... the Quire, the upper and Lower Chapter Houses, the Lower Church and the Blacader Aisle.

"The Cathedral has one of the finest collections of modern stained glass windows and nearly all have been installed since 1947...

"... [the] Lower Church with its many buttresses supports the Quire above...

"Over the junction with the transept, soars the 13th century tower with its spire, the only intact central tower on a great mediaeval church in Scotland...

"The large projection to the south is the Blacader Aisle, vaulted by Archbishop Blacader."

by The Society of Friends of Glasgow Cathedral

There is also a little graveyard beside the Cathedral with very very old graves in it. The graves are all flat and the entire yard is full. It gives a whole new and real meaning to walking over someone's grave.

Anyway, as usual a picture is worth 1000 words, so I'll leave it now to my Flickr account to pick up where I left off.



Anonymous said...

WOW! It's very purdy. :) Plus I read your entry down below this one and it's hilarious and yet unnerving that you could get smacked in the head with a bus mirror!! be veddy veddy carfuL! or I will come hunt you doawn! :)

Nothing new here, just the bunny being a brat. Tried to text you but it didn't work. .gotta look something up on Virginmobile.com

Wub you! Have fun on Tuesday! I'll try and scan in what pictures I get of the zoo for ya!

Leora said...

Really beautiful pictures. As a good Jew, I spend most of time in Europe visiting churches. Good post! I hope that you're feeling better, and I can't wait to hear how you're liking classes. Watch out for those bus mirrors--they're mean little buggers.