26 September 2006

Some Updates on University Life

I just got done posting about my sight seeing trips around Glasgow and Scotland. Sunday my flatmates and some other went to Edinburgh - which can either be pronounced Ed-in-ber-o or Ed-in-bro depending on who you are listening to. I'll post about that later. Suffice it to say for now I experienced true Scottish rain that day, and was completely drenched despite my waterproof jacket. A little hypothermia, as well as fun, was had by all.

An update on the Norwiegan guy: Turns out that was a mix up. He traveled up to our flat with one of our flatmates but was actually in the wrong block. He's now in his proper home in the block next to us. That room is still empty, and we are wondering if it will ever be filled.

Last but not least, today was my first day of school! It was introduction to the course and the laboratory. I will be in the lab daily, which is a little intimidating because that generally means I'll be turning in a report daily as well. The building I am in is a complete maze. It is over 100 years old, and a crazy mix of old, new and under construction. For the first little while I am going to have to arrive half an hour early just to figure out where I am supposed to be.

Tomorrow is more introduction, and continues on like that up until the end of the week. Then the real work starts!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the rain -- 2 spiffy rainsuits are on their way (after I mail them tomorrow) to you to help you stay dry. In the meantime, you'll have to cope!! Kettle corn and your floss also in the package.

Hope it doesn't take long to get there!

love mom xxoo

Anonymous said...

Sounds entertaining! Heck I have a hard enough time with the microscope drawings let alone dealing with a report a day! Good luck most definitely! I'm waiting kind of until my Zoo pictures are developed before I write about it. I took notes the entire day so I won't forget anything about it really :D

Love you!

Aaron Berning said...

Sounds like you will have your work cut out for you, not that you won't manage, of course. I'm sure I'll be saying this many more times, but I've really been enjoying the site-seeing and pictures, even though it takes me a disgustingly long time to look at them all over dial up!