12 October 2006

Mexican Night and Canadian Thanksgiving!

Ola chicas, como estas! Saturday night was Mexican night! We all went to the big Tesco up in St. Rollox and got taco stuff, and had tacos and margaritas. We invited a couple of people and all had a good time sitting and chatting - AND EATING!

Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving, which creeped up on me really fast. Lesley and I had been talking about doing a Thanksgiving for awhile, so we held a mini-Canadian Thanksgiving. I roasted a chicken and baked a square sweet potato pie (sweet potato because I couldn't find canned pumpkin - though I believe it is around -, and square because we don't have a pie plate), and Lesley made corn and mashed potatoes and gravy. Anyway, aside from me having to put the chicken in again for another 10 minutes, the dinner turned out well, and everyone seemed to really like it, even the square pie! We're going to hold a big proper American Thanksgiving, which we'll be able to plan a little better.

Pictures of both events are up on my flickr account, go have a peak!

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Anonymous said...


The pie looked great. By the time the American Thanksgiving rolls around you should have the chicken cooking time down pat. Remember you are learning to be a CSI er and not a chef.

Take care and keep well. Snowed here today but didn't stick around. But it is cold.