19 November 2006

Snow in Scotland!

Today when I walked into our living room, I was greeted with my flatmate announcing "Snow!" Not snow in the city of Glasgow, but out on the hills/mountains. It is actually a pretty impressive sight in real time... afraid my camera doesn't do the effect justice. It's like looking at another snowy world from your window. Winter has come through the front door, but it hasn't quite settled in... it's not like it's sitting in your favourite chair and eating your cookies yet. I'm reserving judgement on how better/worse this is going to be from a Canadian winter - when the girl downstairs from Winnipeg is complaining already that she feels cold, you know that there's something to it.

Last week was super busy for me, catching up on labs I had to redo. On top of that it rained all week, with only brief respites of sunshine (with what little daylight we do get). Next week was shaping up to be a reprieve, but turns out we're scheduled in the lab all week doing another exercise. They have a habit of throwing us into the deep end with very few waterwings. But, that is probably the best way to learn.

This afternoon we're going to see Casino Royale, then going to a Chinese buffet. Tonight they are lighting up George Square... so if you're around at 1:30 pm Ontario time, check out the webcams (link to the right). There might even be fireworks.

Christmas is also just over a month away... though the lights in George Square have been up since the begining of the month. All the shopping streets are a sea of people, it's impossible to go anywhere and it not be busy. Just go with the flow and all that. I went and picked up some LED lights for my room... get a little colour in and add a festive touch.

Anyway, just a short post from me this week. I'm in the thick of it now and there is no end in sight until Christmas vacation! Might be headed up to Loch Tay around that time for a few days, but still have to finalize the details. Take care, everyone!


Aaron Berning said...

Here's to hoping your winter isn't too bad. You are within walking distance to everything anyway though aren't you?

Erin said...

Yup. Just about everything I need is within 15 minutes walk. From what I gather the winter here is mostly rain, with some wet snow mixed in.

Went and saw Casino Royale tonight and it was pouring rain on the way back. We were just in time to catch some of the fireworks at George Square... so we got completely soaked. But it was worth it.

Leora said...

Erin, being super-busy with school is not an acceptable excuse for not updating your blog. Sheesh, you think you're in Scotland to study? Pshaw, you're there to take pictures and have exotic travelling stories for those of us who are stuck in Canada.

The snow is gorgeous, but I'm biased. I far prefer snowy winters to rainy ones.

Anonymous said...

Those hills look like some of the hills as you approach Collingwood -- but Collingwood's hills are probably not as big as those. Minden got a dusting of snow last night but don't think it is going to stay around long! Even though I hate being cold, it still is pretty.

Anonymous said...


Checked out the web cams and the square is so pretty decorated for the holidays. The town here is decorated and once again Santa will make his way on Saturday.

It is cold here today (21). Finally we got some sun for awhile. We have had so much rain lately that I am glad is wasn't snow or we would be buried alive.

You take care.