31 December 2006

Happy Hogmanay!

Well, I was supposed to be down at George Square right now, but the event has been canceled. We're having 80mph (128 km/hr) winds and rain. And the lights are flickering. So it's a bit crazy outside.

Instead we're spending the night in, and eating and making merry!

My Bolivian friends Liliana and Paula gave me these (right), as part of a Bolivian New Year's tradition. Red means that I'll have love and passion in the new year. Since this is a family oriented website, I cannot show you them on my person (nor would I otherwise!), but please know that they are very comfy. :-)

I have more posts to make about my Christmas vacation, but they will have to wait until the new year!

May all your 2007s be happy, healthy, and safe!

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Anonymous said...

Wishing you a Happy New Year. I am sure as I write this it is 2007 in Scotland, we still have 5 hours to go. No snow as I am sure you have heard but we are expecting winds and freezing rain tonight. So we are staying in. All the best to you in 2007 and I loved the donkey picture but you should have been in the other hole and not the donkey. HEHEHE.