16 January 2007

Still Snowing...

I went to bed and lay there listening to the hooting and hollering outside, so I decided to look out and watch the excited snow-seekers celebrate. Then I saw a camera flash from our floor and knew that at least one of my flatmates was also enjoying the snow, so I decided to get up and take a few more pictures. Anyway, my camera isn't the best at night, but this one turned out okay.

There were lots of other flashes going off out windows and outside, so I know there are a number of other students who don't get snow back home. But even coming from a country that is known for its snowy winters, the first snowfall still brings a certain giddiness with it. :-)


We got snow this evening! Those in the flat who don't get snow back home were very excited, and... well... excitement is contagious! So we all went out on the roof and I got some big-foot style (read: blurry and hard to distinguish) pictures of the snowflakes.

So if it stuck around it would have been pretty good packing snow. But it began to turn into falling slush after a couple of minutes.

12 January 2007

1 Semester 3 Hours

I wrote my Theory I exam today. It definitely wasn't the best exam I've ever written... but it was far from the worst... I think... I hope. What I didn't like is that this was one exam for an entire semester of theory, and one of the only things that we're evaluated with. How you can cram 3 months of theory in to 3 hours is beyond me. Anyway, it's finished now, for better or for worst. Second semester begins on Monday, so for one weekend I have nothing hanging over my head.

In other news, my placement has been confirmed. I will be spending June through August at St. Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. That means that I'll be headed back to Canada earlier than expected. It seems to be an all win situation, I get to do research in my jurisdiction, and I get to live somewhere that I've never been before. And Nova Scotia means New Scotland, so if that doesn't scream "meant to be", I don't know what does.

Well, that's all my tired brain can muster for the time being.

01 January 2007

New Year Update

So it was an interesting New Year for me. There were supposed to be many famous Scottish Hogmanay (New Year) celebrations last night, just about all of which were canceled due to some severe windy weather. Having already had a flatmate injured by some of these gales earlier in the month, I can say that the winds here are not to be taken lightly. As Ron White says "It's not that the wind is blowing, it's what the wind is blowing."

I partook in a Bolivian New Year's which consisted of wearing red knickers (pictured in my previous post), eating 12 grapes at midnight (one for each month and a wish for each), counting money (so we would have enough money in the New Year) and going up and down the stairs with a suitcase (so that we could travel in the New Year). My karma is now well and truly covered.

Overall, my Christmas holidays were very good, even though I missed home immensely. I had two Christmas dinners here at the flat, and then went to another downstairs. I partook in the madness that was Boxing Day. On Boxing Day I walked the streets with more people than I thought possible to fit on them, being bumped and jostled gently by the eddies of a flowing sea of shoppers. Despite the crowds, the atmosphere was much more relaxed than the impatient and stress-filled Boxing Day sales of North America. Here people were calm, and not once did I hear an ill word spoken.

I even bought myself some Christmas presents with money given to me by my family. And I even received some wonderful gifts as well. But I have to say that, although it is nice getting stuff, it was the well wishes that we all exchanged here in Scotland, and across the Atlantic to my family and friends, which meant the most.

Below there is another post talking about Kate and I's trip to the Trossachs with the Friends International. It took me a while to write that one between the making-merry that was going on here... but I finally got it all done.

And one final item of business before I get my nose back to the grind stone to study for my upcoming exam...

As part of my Christmas money I allowed myself to get one substantial piece of Doctor Who memorabilia, a 12" remote control Dalek :-)

I really haven't a clue how I'm going to get this thing home in my suitcase... but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.