14 February 2007

True Romance

So, thought I'd just post some random stuff for Valentine's Day.

The picture to the left is a pretty risque carte-de-visite probably from the late Victorian era. This is actually a scanned image from an original one that I cataloged at the museum.

Originally I wanted to post a link to Miss Piggy singing "Never Before, Never Again" from the Muppet Movie - a great song for Valentine's Day. But, no one seems to have put a video up of it anywhere. C'est la vie. Ah well, read the lyrics and just picture Miss Piggy singing that at the top of her lungs.

Seriously, if that doesn't get you into the Valentine's Day spirit, I don't know what will!

However, I did find something for the lonely souls out there.

And, for those who are in the pursuit of Valentine's Day knowledge, take the Valentine's Day Quiz! Or, if you're more studious, read the Valentines' Day Wikipedia entry.

It's also interesting to find out if people on Valentine's Day are really searching for love and passion... or are they looking for something else?

And nothing says luvin' like making sure your true love can give you a pint when you really need it.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! ;-)

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