08 June 2007

Halifax Harbour

This is what I get to see just about every day. This is Halifax Harbour from the Dartmouth side. I take the ferry across to Halifax. It's just $2.00 a ride, even less since I bought a transit pass. Riding the ferry is nicer than taking the bus across the bridge, though I will take the bus back to Dartmouth if I want to go to the mall or grocery store before heading back to my place.

The harbour smells like being at the beach. A nice little quip on Wikipedia says:

"Landlubbers say it smells like the ocean, sailors say it smells like the land; both are correct as the smell comes from decomposing seaweed on the beach."

I wouldn't say it smells bad down there. I'd rather the very slight smell of Halifax Harbour over the smog of Toronto.


Aaron Berning said...

I love ferries ... and harbours ... but not buses so much.

Leora said...

Toronto is fabulous, you're just jealous. You and all the rest of Canada. That's why you make fun of us.

I'm impressed by your nifty graphic title, you have mad html skillz. And I loved the update. Great pictures and great writing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin:

We now have a roof on the RD Lawrence place. Thanks for doing the update. Looks good. Miss you again. Take care.