06 June 2007

Out of the Old and Into the New

On Tuesday, May 22nd I hopped a plane back to Canada to start my placement in Halifax, Nova Scotia (which is Latin for New Scotland dontchaknow). The flight between Glasgow and Amsterdam made me want to take a boat home, but the flight from Amsterdam to Toronto was loads better.

I first took 10 days to visit Minden. The flowering crabs were in full bloom and smelled beautiful! But the blossoms were soon falling like snow, and then hydro came along and cut one of them back because it was interfering with the hydro lines.

I flew out to Halifax on June 1st. I'm living in Dartmouth right now in a bachelor apartment. I get to take the ferry across to Halifax where I have the option of working at St. Mary's University, Dartmouth, or the Medical Examiner's Office. I have yet to get full ethics approval for my project due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, so I'm concentrating on the literature review part of my dissertation and getting generally settled in.

You might have noticed the massive update I just did... school got so busy in Scotland that I neglected my blog. I took full advantage of my tv-less and internet-less weekend to catch up on writing. Enjoy the extra reading material, and I hope that my spelling isn't too bad!


Aaron Berning said...

That was quite the update there Erin ... I think I absorbed it all, although I must admit I gravitate towards the pictures and have to get myself back into reading mode after a while.

I see that your header editing and renaming went well ... and I like how you did it in chunks instead of just crossing out Scotland, which is what I would have done (lame).

I look forward to some Halifax-centric posts.

Erin said...

The pictures are more fun than me rabbiting on anyway ;)