15 July 2007

Look at all the boats!

It's tall ships weekend in Halifax, and while I'm not all that taken by the tall ships themselves, it is neat to see the harbour so full of sailboats, tour boats, etc. I went to see Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix, and then decided to walk over the Angus L. MacDonald Bridge rather than ride the bus over it. The day was so nice, I decided to snap a few pictures.

It's foggy again today, and supposed to be rainy for the next couple of days. Not much new on the project front... just pressing on.


Aaron Berning said...

SO do you live so close to the harbour that you can see it? Is that why you always know what is happening down there?

Erin said...

I can't see the harbour from my place (can't see much except the next door neighbor's side yard actually), but 5 minutes walk gets me to the park where I can see the harbour. Plus I'm traveling across it in one way or another everyday to go into Halifax.

As well, I occasionally cheat and flip to one of the webcams to see what's up. :D

Ralf said...

Hi Erin,

seems you like Halifax a bit. Thanks for linking halifaxwebcam.ca. If you want to see the Tall Ships again go to YouTube and watch a whole day in just two minutes:


Have fun!

Ralf from halifaxwebcam.ca

Erin said...

Hi Ralf,

Thanks for commenting on my blog, and for the YouTube link.

I am enjoying my time in Halifax, and my Mom and I are having a great time looking at the webcams. Keep up the great work!


Leora said...

I was in the 'loo this past weekend and when I was looking through an Ontario tourism brochure I saw there was a tall ships festival in Port Dover at the end of July. I guess they're the same ships, making their way over from the east coast (through the St. Lawrence River or whatever, I never paid much attention in Geography class).

In any case, I'm probably going to go, if only so that I can get dressed up in a pirate costume, which I think would make me look super-cool.