12 July 2007

Lost in a Fog

If you get the chance today, click on one of the webcams to the right and you'll see... well... you won't see much. The harbour - and most of Halifax really - is shrouded in thick misty blanket of suspended water vapor. The fog horns were blaring at 5 o'clock this morning. Going over the bridge this morning was quite spooky... it was like the bridge to nowhere. The tall ships, which I'm told are supposed to me making their entrance today, will be doing so under the cover of fog... if this were back in the old days, this would be a perfect time for pirates to strike!

I've been working a great deal on my project, but have been hampered by some tummy trouble. Got 6 tubes of blood taken today to try and nail down the problem. Otherwise, things are going fine, though I do feel a bit behind. I've been on CBC radio twice, and am going to be in the Chronicle Herald in an attempt to drum up volunteers. The coverage is also good for Saint Mary's University, and lets the people know what neat stuff is happening here.

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Aaron Berning said...

You were on CBC radio? Sweet.

Feel better!