28 August 2007

And the insanity begins to wind down

So, I've been pulling double-shifts so to speak, trying to get my thesis done and handed in. I'm hoping to get this sucker printed off tomorrow and mailed away. My brain is completely mush right now... so there be incoherent trains of thought and grammatical errors. You have been warned.

Right now, Mom, Meghan and I are finishing up our dinner, and we're going out to sit by the harbour later on to watch the world go by. They flew out here on Sunday (Mom's first plane ride!!), and have been enjoying the sites.

We're all headed home by train on Friday. We'll be back in Minden in the afternoon on Saturday. This has been a great placement overall, but I am looking forward to being home again for a little while.

I'll be back in Halifax later in September to do some presentations. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be returning to Scotland in October... I would rather save my pennies and do a proper trip over with a guest or two to see everything again - and/or visit my new friends in their respective countries.

So, Minden here I come! It will be nice to see you again. :)

04 August 2007

Natal Day Fireworks

Monday is Natal Day in Halifax and Dartmouth, celebrating the founding of the two cities. Part of the celebrations is a huge fireworks display on the Angus L. MacDonald Bridge. It's really quite impressive, and a perfect venue for a fireworks display. The unfortunate bit is that the fog was low enough that many of the explosions were lost - though they did make pretty coloured fog. :-)

Anyway, here are some pictures. They are captures from video (because that is the only way my camera will "see" fireworks), so a bit grainy.

See... pretty coloured fog....

Red lights coming off the deck of the bridge with explosions in the air.

Curtain of light coming off the deck of the bridge. This was my favourite... very effective!

Otherwise, I'm kicking it into high gear to get this project finished. This is me panicking. Wish me luck!!