16 January 2009

I have frozen lungsicles!

It is damn cold in London today. The windchill this morning was -32 C. I had to lightly jog (more like shuffle, shuffle, slide) to my bus this afternoon, and I swear my lungs had ice crystals clattering around in them.

I've made it through my first week alright. This is definitely going to be a lot of work (as expected), though some classes are going to be more painful than I thought, and others are going to be less painful than I thought. Either way, there will still be pain... but you know what they say about that.

Pleasant surprise... the whole class appears to be really keen. Usually there are a few you can identify as having to carry... not here. As well, there are a wide variety of backgrounds, so a lot to learn from everybody.

This would appear to be an enriching experience in the making. And I'll re-read that sentence in March when I'm swamped with work, and needing reminded about what possessed me to come back to school. ;)

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