26 January 2009

Please don't steal this card, it's already stolen

So, things are more or less going well right now. I've been concentrating on getting my readings done, and forming a routine. I've made some new friends as well, so I'm starting to feel gradually more settled.

Saturday I decided to challenge myself and audition for a play. I didn't get the part, but it was a fun experience, and I received some very positive feedback. So I'll keep an eye out for further opportunities and give 'er another shot.

Also went over to my classmate's flat for some Canadian film goodness. She's subletting the funkiest little place right now. Dodgy side of town, but it's in the upstairs of this beautiful old home with big windows and tall ceilings. The decor is very funky with all the rooms painted white with one coloured wall. Lots of art, antique doodads, and crazy furniture - turquoise brocade settee anyone? Gives me lots of ideas of how I'd like to decorate my own home one day.

Oh, and I went grocery shopping at Walmart the other day. Seriously. They have a huge Walmart grocery store that is almost identical to the big Tesco that I used to visit in Glasgow. I went in figuring everything was going to be product of [insert impossibly far away land here] - which is okay for certain things, but not so much for others. Surprisingly, this was not the case. I actually found a lot of closer-to-here produce - Leamington tomatoes even! So, I was suitably impressed. Further investigation is of course required, but this looks like it might be one of my regular haunts.

Finally, I went to make a credit card transaction the other day, and to my surprise my card was declined. Further investigation revealed a whopping $650 charge to some gambling website based out of Dublin... obviously not mine. So, I had to call the credit card company and get that all straightened out. Guess it was only a matter of time... and I'm glad that I make a habit of regularly checking my transactions. Still, not a fun thing to have happen, no matter how painless the procedure is to fix it.

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