02 January 2009

Social Networking and Booze!

My friend, Aaron, put me on to Gary Vaynerchuk on Twitter which through a series of clicks got me onto Cork'd, which in turn has a nifty javascript generator which allows you to put your wine review list on your website. Ta da! How's that for social networking. Look right and down for the wines I've reviewed thus far.

Truth be told, I am not much of a wine taster. I can't taste all the different notes that real wine conesseurs can - my palate is just not that sophisticated. But, I do know what I like, and what I like to enjoy it with. Call my contribution that of the common man... my pleebian tastes.

Speaking of gourmet alcohol, Mom broke out the bottle of Laphroaig last night. Like drinking a campfire built with mossy logs. Great with a big hunk of cheese... smoked gouda or old cheddar please! Definitely needed to add water to it though... not that there is any pride to drinking scotch neat - adding water takes away the fire and lets you taste all those oils. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm also a scotch n00b, but my parents are most definitely not. Perfect that I'm getting my scotch education from them.

And of course, because I do drink responsibly, I am also a very cheap date. ;) Any takers?


Aaron Berning said...

I don't drink at all, but I find Gary V. very entertaining. Almost makes me want to take it up. Almost.

Leora said...

Yay that you're fully embracing your ancestral roots...by drinking Scotch. Next time you're in Toronto, let me know and I'll take you to my favourite bar. AKA the tasting tower at the Summerhill LCBO where you can try fabulous $100+ bottles of scotch for like $3 an ounce.