18 April 2010

Just finished reading Marvellous Hairy by Mark A. Rayner

Marvellous Hairy Marvellous Hairy by Mark A. Rayner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This is a delightfully bizarre romp. Mark's writing is not unnecessarily embellished, he gets to the point while still being descriptive, and his dialogue sounds like something I'd overhear at the Grad Club over at Hated University. The story is something that any sci-fi loving reader will enjoy, but in some ways it feels like a MacGuffin - which is just fine because the characters are so endearing that you are happy to get to know them.

On the surface the story is about evil corporate science and cartoonish supervillainy. Underneath that it is about a group of friends breaking through that limbo which occurs after university and on to the next stage of their lives.

The book itself is an odd shape. A bit more substantial than a pocket book. Can't be afraid to crack the spine on this one. There are also some typos... though given some of the mind bending that goes on, I feel alright explaining them away as being typed by monkey-fingers.

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