02 September 2010

Luna culpa

Well, I thought maybe perhaps my letter would get published, but I wasn't expecting the Voice to stick it in the Editorial! Well, good on 'em. I am happy that the exchange remained light hearted, too. While issues of fact-checking, information literacy, and responsible journalism are very serious ones when you view the intellectual landscape today (which is sadly starting to look a little barren... too many little scrubby factoids and not enough solid big thinking), it also doesn't do to bludgeon someone to death with the message. Though, apparently I am suspected to be one who may indeed bludgeon ;)

You can read my letter and accompanying editorial here:

Or, go right to the Voice: http://ezread.ca/countyvoice/voice/cv-sept210/index.html

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AlphaMatrix said...

You're awesome girl! I've been following along for a bit. Congrats on being published and trying to keep those journalists on their toes.