08 September 2014

Review: yolo

yolo by Lauren Myracle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Interesting premise but falls short. Texts try too hard to be cool (a constant barrage of pithy sarcasm that verges on the ridiculous). Dated memes and inauthentic formatting (no one would type "The Onion" in quotes in a text to someone who knows what The Onion is) sort of pull you out of it. That said... I wouldn't not recommend this book. Someone who enjoys a light read with a heartwarming story will like this. Myracle also touches on some universal themes - how relationships change in those first few months of post-secondary ed, how people change, life on your own for the first time, navigating roommates, dorms, meal plans, new friends, finding yourself, making your own decisions, etc. While the subject matter is timeless, I'm not sure the style of telling a story through the medium of texts will stand the test of time. 2.75/5

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