06 October 2014


What a crazy couple of weeks this has been!

When I wrote my last APLL post it was 2 days before I was to move house,  and I wrote it on my bed surrounded by boxes (you can see I got a little punchy at the end). I'm writing this surrounded by boxes too, but in a new house!

The lead up to moving was very hectic. I took my holidays starting on the closing date of our home purchase, which was October 1st, knowing I would be back to work today to help lead our annual Staff Day. So prior to October 1st I had to do all the things I normally needed to do, then do all the things I normally would need to do, then make sure that all my staff day stuff was in place and ready to go this morning. I actually dreaded this morning a little bit - I have filled, lugged, and emptied more boxes than I could count, cleaned corners, assembled furniture, and organized rooms that up until now I have had no say in. Last night as I went to sleep I could only keep asking myself how the heck I was going to switch gears and stand in front of a room full of Branch Supervisors and Branch Assistants and talk about library stuff.

I met my CEO at the office this morning before going to the staff day venue and said "I have no idea how I'm going to pull off today." She just said "You'll be fine!" Sometimes all you need to hear is that someone else has more faith in your organizational skills than you do - we are our own worst critics.

Anyway, it was a very good day. Staff Day is an annual event that's part training, part staff appreciation. We go over refresher type stuff, have draws and prizes, lunch, guest speakers, service awards, and a bit of easy yoga was thrown in for good measure. This is my second staff day I have attended, and the first I have helped organize and lead. In a system where our farthest branches are a good hour-and-a-half apart, it's really important that we get to see each other at least once a year! 

Now, having switched gears from moving to libraries, I'm catching up on APLL and relieved that I am not as far behind as I thought I might be. Staff Day (and seeing that my Planning package arrived via SOLS courier) made me think about our APLL Intensive coming up and how I am looking forward to meeting all of you and having that face-to-face.

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