08 November 2014

Connecting with Community Planning

Three ways that the Public Library can connect with municipal planning:

1. Align the library's strategic plan with the municipal government's strategic plan (or whatever documented goals and values that the municipality has in place). If the library and the municipality have disparate goals, they will always work at cross purposes and the relationship won't be productive.

2. Be involved in the municipality - what a CEO or manager are considered at a municipal level may differ from system to system (some are department heads, some are not) but in whatever capacity is appropriate, to work with other municipal employees and managers will mean that the library is thought of in terms of planning - not just including the library in municipal planning, but finding key uses for the library in fulfilling the goals set out by municipal planning.

3. Provide a proven track record - show concrete examples of how the library is helping to fulfill municipal goals through the annual report. If the library proves itself a productive member of the municipality by contributing to the goals of the municipality, then the library will continue to be included in municipal planning and be valued as a partner in that planning.

1 comment:

Karen Bisschop said...

Absolutely agree about the annual report. We stopped doing one several years ago, and I think a modern version of this report would help both the board, city council and the public in understanding the impact of the library on the community. Having some good impact measurements would make this even more effetive.